The 17th Annual 2011 FMBB World Championships were held June 1st thru June 5th in Nieuwport, Belgium. The team members chosen to represent the American Working Malinois Association were:


  • John Soares and Vion La Maschera Di Ferro
  • Benny Barmapov and Master De Alphaville Bohemia
  • Marina Shukh and L’Simba Du Loups Du Soleil
  • Brian Hendricks and Uras La Maschera Di Ferro
  • Sean Rivera and Daneskjold Iron
  • Christopher Kutelis and Mecberger hegel


Photo by Beth Koenig. L to R: Benny Barmapov with Master. John Soares with Vion. Team Captain Michelle Kutelius with the sign. Sean Rivera with Bruce. Chris Kutelius with Mauno and Jayme. Vika holding the American Flag.


Marina Shukh and Simba were not able to attend the Championship and Bryan Hendricks and his dog, Uras, suffered injury on practice day and had to pull from the competition. Starting with last year's World Championships, the FMBB has changed formats. The first three days of competition, each dog draws one phase per day and these scores go towards the World Cup. Then on the fourth day, the top 20 come back and compete in Phases B & C to decide who wins the World Championship (total score being based out of 500 possible points). The American Team did very well and the AWMA appreciates all the time and money it takes to go over and compete at this level.


Final Scores for IPO were:

Sean Rivera & Daneskjold Iron:    

  • World Cup: 95 - 96 - 89 = 280    
  • World Championship:  92.5 - 87.5 = 460   (5th Place Finish)

John Soares and Vion La Maschera Di Ferro:       

  • World Cup: 94 - 92 - 94 = 280  
  • World Championship:  87 - 84  = 451 (9th Place Finish)

Benny Barmapov and Master De Alphaville Bohemia:  

  • World Cup: 94 - 91 - 88 = 273  
  • World Championship: 86.5 - 82  = 441.5  (16th Place Finish)

Chris Kutelius and MecBerger Hegel: 

  • World Cup: 10 - 91 - 88 = 189


In the team competition, USA took SECOND PLACE amongst all the other countries! This is the highest placement USA has ever taken at the FMBB World Championships. Of our team of 4, three ended up in the Top 20 competition! Congratulations again to everyone who went over and represented the United States at the FMBB World Championships!


Photo by Beth Koenig. USA Team on the Podium at the end of the Awards Ceremony.

Agility Team

  • Kim Buchanan and Sprite’s Entertaining Choice “Emmy”
  • Shari Lipski and Amara von der Eichenquelle
  • Chris Libs and Rumba du Volant
  • Shari Lipski and Tisa du Banc des Hermelles


Photo by Beth Koenig. Left to Right: Kim Buchanan with Emmy. Team Captain Shari Lipski

center. And Chris Libbs with Rumba.

Shari Lipski will be writing a piece on the FMBB Agility Team for the upcoming issue of the AWMA Newsletter!