The 2010 AWMA National Championship held in Slatington, PA, and hosted by Jim Honda and FreeDog!! concluded this weekend. Pictured above are the top five IPO 3 winners and our judges, Mike Hamilton and Dr. Bulos. The event photographer was Cindy Noland and other event photos can be found at

John Soares and Vion La Maschera di Fero were High in Trial, High IPO3, High Obedience, High Tracking, and High Handler-Owner Trained. Vion also won the Helper's Choice Award. Scores were 99/97/98 for a total of 294.

Second IPO3 was Benny Barmapovand Master de Alphaville Bohemia with scores of 96/96/96 for a total of 288.

Third place IPO3 was Sean Rivera and Bronson's Fekkai Rouge, with scores of 97/96/95 for a total of 288; she also received the High Scoring Female Award. Sean also had the sixth place dog, Danskjold Iron, 96/96/94, total 286.

Fourth place IPO3 was Marina Shuhk with L'Simba Du Loups du Soleil, with scores of 98/95/95 and a total of 288. Marina also won the High Female Handler Award/.

Fifth place IPO3 was taken by Ernest Chambers and Spit Fire Frith, with scores of 99/95/93 for a total of 287.

The IPO 2 winner was Jim Deem with Donivin Von Donnertal/, 79/77/88 for a total of 244.

The IPO1 top team was Michael McMahon and Ronan Sir Ronius with 70/92/97, totaling 259. In second place was Douglas Kowalski with Viky Du Loups du Soleil, with scores of 70/86/92 and a total of 248.

Congratulations to all!