2010 AWMA National Championship

The 2010 AWMA National Championship held in Slatington, PA, and hosted by Jim Honda and FreeDog!! concluded this weekend. Pictured above are the top five IPO 3 winners and our judges, Mike Hamilton and Dr. Bulos. The event photographer was Cindy Noland and other event photos can be found at www.nolanddogart.com/AWMA10.

John Soares and Vion La Maschera di Fero were High in Trial, High IPO3, High Obedience, High Tracking, and High Handler-Owner Trained. Vion also won the Helper's Choice Award. Scores were 99/97/98 for a total of 294.

Second IPO3 was Benny Barmapovand Master de Alphaville Bohemia with scores of 96/96/96 for a total of 288.

Third place IPO3 was Sean Rivera and Bronson's Fekkai Rouge, with scores of 97/96/95 for a total of 288; she also received the High Scoring Female Award. Sean also had the sixth place dog, Danskjold Iron, 96/96/94, total 286.

Fourth place IPO3 was Marina Shuhk with L'Simba Du Loups du Soleil, with scores of 98/95/95 and a total of 288. Marina also won the High Female Handler Award/.

Fifth place IPO3 was taken by Ernest Chambers and Spit Fire Frith, with scores of 99/95/93 for a total of 287.

The IPO 2 winner was Jim Deem with Donivin Von Donnertal/, 79/77/88 for a total of 244.

The IPO1 top team was Michael McMahon and Ronan Sir Ronius with 70/92/97, totaling 259. In second place was Douglas Kowalski with Viky Du Loups du Soleil, with scores of 70/86/92 and a total of 248.

Congratulations to all!

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