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AWDF Scorebook Policy

Motion passed May 16, 2013 (AWDF annual meeting)

  1. Effective immediately, AWDF member clubs can issue score books to any breed of dog owned by their members and list the dog’s breed on the score book provided that proof of FCI recognized registration accompanies the application. Score book application processes used by each member club will be followed.
    • Dogs for which no FCI recognized registration is submitted can receive a scorebook from any AWDF organization but the dog will be listed as a mix.
    • Breeds not recognized by the FCI (for example, American Bulldog) must have their scorebooks issued by their breed organization or the dog will be listed as a mix.
    • Clubs that offer the opportunity to have a non-FCI registered dog’s breed listed in the scorebook via a working privilege listing (for example Malinois with the AWMA) must have the scorebook issued by that club.
  2. Effective March 21, 2013, USCA eliminated the requirement for scorebooks to be certified by USCA, thus also removing scorebook certification fees. USCA will accept scorebooks from all AWDF, WUSV, or FCI organizations.
  3. Effective with the 2014 AWDF Championship, the requirement to use an AWDF scorebook is removed. This was done to accommodate the use of foreign scorebooks issued by FCI organizations and therefore complies with the FCI regulation of one scorebook per dog.

Which scorebooks are accepted at AWDF sanctioned events?

Any official AWDF or DVG scorebook is accepted at all AWDF events (logo is on outside cover and AWDF tracking number is on first page). As of January 1, 2012 the new FCI rules require that only one scorebook can be used for each dog per trial. The exception is that an AWDF scorebook plus a DVG book can both be presented at a trial.

To enter the AWDF Championship, WDA or USA-only scorebooks will not be accepted.

Which scorebooks are NOT accepted?

It depends on which event you want to enter. WDA (Working Dogs of America) is non-AWDF organization and their scorebooks are accepted only at USA events. But AWDF scorebooks are accepted at WDA trials. Confirm entry requirements by contacting the trial secretary of the event.

Do I need an AWMA scorebook to enter an AWMA club trial?

No. You can enter with any official AWDF scorebook or DVG scorebook. Non AWDF scorebooks such as WDA or USA-only scorebook will not be recognized.

What do I need to apply for my AWDF scorebook from AWMA?

You need a copy of registration papers, proof of current AWMA membership, the $15 application fee, and a complete application. If transferring from another scorebook you will need to send a copy of the scorebook’s name page and pages where the titles are recorded. If your Malinois is not registered with an FCI recognized organization, you can apply via the working privilege listing process. NOTE THAT YOU CAN APPLY FOR A SCOREBOOK FOR YOUR OTHER BREEDS OF DOGS THROUGH THE AWMA AND HAVE THE BREED OF THE DOG LISTED PROVIDED THAT YOU HAVE PROOF OF REGISTRATION THROUGH AN FCI RECOGNIZED ORGANIZATION.

Can I switch from my old scorebook to an AWMA AWDF scorebook?

If you have a scorebook from any AWDF member organization, fill out a normal application and include clear photocopies of the old scorebook that indicate titles your dog has earned. The highest level of each title will be copied into your new scorebook. The titles will not be copied into your new scorebook without a readable photocopy for records. If your scorebook was issued by a foreign organization, check with the AWMA scorebook coordinator to see if it can be accepted.

How do I make sure my dog is listed as a Belgian Malinois in the scorebook?

If you obtain your scorebook from the AWMA and you have a Belgian Malinois and provide the proper registry information, your dog will be listed as a Belgian Malinois. Sport organizations such as USMRA and DVG use their own criteria to determine the breed of a dog. ANY FCI Registration is accepted.

If I do not have AKC or FCI registration papers for my dog, how can I still have my dog listed as Belgian Malinois?

The AWMA has a special application for dogs without FCI-recognized registrations (e.g., UKC is not FCI-recognized). This application also allows the recognition of dogs without papers, but that have the appearance of a Belgian Malinois. If the application is accepted, the dog will be listed as Belgian Malinois, but the scorebook will indicate the non-AKC and non-FCI status. Note that if you acquire FCI recognized registration after the scorebook has been issued with a WPL, you can submit the scorebook and registration papers to the AWMA scorebook chairperson and the information will be added to your existing scorebook.

What is AWMA’s non-FCI scorebook application process?

This alternate application addresses dogs which may not have FCI / AKC registration but do have a registration of UKC, UKC Limited Privilege, or AKC Indefinite Listing Privilege. The AWMA wishes to recognize and list such dogs as Belgian Malinois. Dog eligibility is contingent upon review of the application and registration copies. If approved, the scorebook will list the breed of dog as Belgian Malinois, together with a designation of UKC, UKC LP, or AKC ILP.

What is AWMA’s WPL scorebook application process?

This alternate application, AWMA Working Privilege Listing (“WPL”), addresses dogs which may not have FCI / AKC registration due to papers being withheld by the breeder, lost by the owner, or instances where a dog may have been surrendered, abandoned or rescued from a shelter. The AWMA respects the many contributions of working unregistered Malinois and wishes to recognize and list such dogs as Belgian Malinois. Dog eligibility is contingent upon review of the application and photos. If approved, the scorebook will list the breed of dog as Belgian Malinois, together with a designation AWMA WPL (unregistered).

Does it matter if I do not have the FCI recognized registration listed in the scorebook?

You will be able to enter most AWDF club events, but some National Events require AKC / FCI recognized registration. Check with the host club trial secretary for qualifications specific to these events. The dog must be FCI registered to enter the FCI Worlds and the FMBB.

What if my dog is AKC/FCI registered and there is no breed club in AWDF? Will my dog be listed as "mix" or will the breed be listed?

Note the new AWDF policy at the beginning of these FAQs. The AWMA can issue a scorebook for your dog providing that FCI recognized registration is provided. This is regardless of whether or not there is a member club for your breed in the AWDF.

What scorebook do I need to enter the AWMA IPO National Championship?

In July 2011, the board voted to allow all FCI registered Belgian Shepherd Dogs with an AWDF recognized scorebook to enter, along with any dog that has an AWMA issued AWDF scorebook that lists the dog as a Belgian Malinois, regardless of whether it is FCI registered or not (see our policies and procedures page).

How is ownership of the dog documented in the scorebook?

The owner of the dog as stated on registration is written on the last page of the new scorebook, even if it differs from owner submitted on the scorebook application. Once there's proof of the transfer of registration, the owner can write the new information on the next line provided in the scorebook. It is not necessary to send the scorebook to the AWMA to make this revision. We do request that you send a copy of the updated registration as proof of ownership to our AWMA scorebook chair so it can be filed with the original application.

Note: The person in possession of the scorebook cannot add or change information on the front page of the scorebook. This requires submission to the AWMA along with the appropriate documentation. Information on the pages where titles are recorded cannot be added or changed by anyone other than the judge/hosting organization since these are official records of performance.

What if I want to enter a trial next week and I do not have a scorebook?

You have a few options. You can arrange with the AWMA scorebook coordinator to rush order a scorebook, but you will need to express mail or scan and email all paperwork. Additionally there is a $50.00 fee for scorebooks required within 2 weeks of receipt of the application by the secretary, however this option is not always available. AWMA and USA club trials allow you to post a bond for your scorebook. You must make arrangements with the host club secretary before the trial. The club will then have to send all paperwork to the secretary so your scorebook can be issued. It is best to avoid this issue and order your scorebook as soon as you have your dog and registration.

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