2014 FMBB IPO Team

Congratulations to the 2014 FMBB IPO team! 

Selected by virtue of top placements at AWMA Championship:

  • Julie Atchison/Brando du Loups du Soliel
  • Benny Barmapov/Insane v.d. Berlex-Hoeve
  • John Petitti/Darth Del Fuego Interno
  • Ivan Balabanov/Ebor ot Vitosha

Selected on the point system:

  • Chris Kutelis/Mecberger Hegel
  • Susan Miller/Axa Prima Sudo

First alternate:

  • Cynthia Wiley (handler Phil Hoelcher)/Callaway Cam ot Vitosha

Second alternate:

  • Ludovic Terubane/Cronos Terubane

Third alternate:

  • Ugne Schmitt-Sody/Stormvogel's Alya Joy

Fourth alternate:

  • Fabian Robinson/Grubaer's Boker

FMBB Agility Team:

  • Shari Lipski/Amara von der Eichenquelle (Malinois)
  • Chris Libs/B'Rumba du Volant (Groenendal)

2013 AWMA Championship

It is now history - thanks to Angie Stark, Waine Singleton and Midwest Working Dogs for all the work they put into hosting a great event. The judges, helpers, and track layers made sure everything was fair and consistent for all the competitors.

AWMA Champions


In the end the results were:

  • AWMA Champion - Julie Atchison and Brando du Loups du Soleil
  • Vice Champion - Benny Barmapov and Insane v.d. Berlex-Hoeve
  • IPO III 3rd place - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno
  • IPO III 4th place - Ivan Balabanov and Ebor ot Vitosha
  • IPO I 1st place - Sondra Rolison and E'Mamba Chenile de Loucyn
  • IPO II 1st place - Linda Guidry and F'Wrak du Loucyn
  • High tracking - Chris Kutelis and Mecberger Hegel
  • High obedience - Ivan Balabanov and Ebor ot Vitosha
  • High protection - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno
  • High HOT - Julie Atchison and Brando du Loups du Soleil
  • High Amateur HOT - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno
  • High Jr. Handler - Alyssa Pisano and Masons Paws
  • High Female - Hardy Enrsting and Chilli Airport Hannover
  • Helpers Choice - Hardy Ernsting and Chilli Airport Hannove
  • Sportsmanship - Benny Barmapov
  • High Scoring Breeder - del Fuego Interno
  • Warren Jones Sportsmanship - Anne Camper

Highlights from the 2013 AWMA Championships

Warren Jones Sportsmanship Award

In honor and memory of the contributions that Warren Jones made to the AWMA and dog sports, we are proud to announce the Warren Jones Sportsmanship Award that will be presented each year at our national championship. The Executive Board of the AWMA is calling for nominations for this year's inaugural presentation. The nomination process is simple. Please send the name of your nominee (must be an AWMA member) by November 10 to the AWMA secretary. Write a brief explanation of how your nominee embodies the spirit and/or actions of sportsmanship, their service to the AWMA, and why they should receive this award.

2013 Annual meeting

Annual meeting

The annual meetings for the AWMA are coming up soon on Friday, November 15 at the championship in Illinois, time and location to be announced soon. Clubs, be sure your membership rosters are up to date and that you name your delegate for the meeting. We need your presence for a quorum to conduct the business of the organization. The agendas are as follows:


  • Call to Order
  • Reading of minutes of previous meeting
  • Appeals for waiver of annual event from local clubs
  • Old business
  • Discussion on AWDF, FCI and sport politics
  • New business
    • Judges program
    • Training aids

Call to Order

  • Reading of minutes of previous meeting
  • Officer reports
  • President<
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Budget summary from previous year
  • Proposed budget for next year
  • Membership chair
  • Scorebook report
  • Committee reports
  • World Championship/National Events
  • Judges Committee
  • Elections
  • Standing Committees
  • Auditing Committee – 3 members
  • Board of Inquiry – 3 members and alternate(s)
  • World Championship/National Events – 2 members
  • Judges Committee – off cycle for one non-judge
  • Ad-hoc Committees
  • Old Business
  • AWDF information
  • FCI and FMBB updates
  • New Business
  • Discussion of motions and actions taken by board in previous year
  • AWMA Nationals – contracts, bids
  • Policy on training equipment
  • Recruiting judges
  • Directions for the AWMA

2013 FCI IPO World Championship

Congratulations to the 2013 FCI team!!!

Congratulations to the team for their second place finish and to the AWMA members for their outstanding performances. We are proud of your accomplishments.

For complete results go to World FCI / IPO Championship Czech Republic

Mike DiehlIrmus Galan Nalag9593972854
Fabian RobinsonGraubaer's Boker9697902839
Susan MillerAxa Prima Sudo99899127916

Warren Jones

The American Working Malinois Association wishes to express its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Warren Jones, who passed away this evening. Warren was an incredible dog man; he was an accomplished trainer and handler, IPO judge, and served many years on the AWMA Executive Board. He was by far the most knowledgeable person on the rules and bylaws - there was never a question he didn't have an answer for. His dedication to the organization helped to shape what the AWMA is today. As a judge he was always kind and supportive of new handlers, and was always a friendly face if you saw him at a trial. In his non-dog life he was an incredibly accomplished professor at MSU who just received a lifetime achievement award for his work as an engineering professor. Words do not begin to address what an amazing man Warren was, nor how much this loss will be felt in the dog community. We will miss you, Warren.


Warren and Lexi

2013 AWDF Championships

Congratulations to the AWDF Competitors

The 2013 AWDF Championship was hosted by Kentucky Hundesport Klub on May 15-19, 2013 at Barren River State Resort Park in Lucas, Kentucky.

Congratulations to everyone who attended and competed, especially to Ivan and Ebor on their placement, to Fabian and Boker for high obedience, to Susan and Axa for their tie for high tracking and for receiving high female and high fxx, and to team AWMA for winning the team challenge. Also thanks to Waine and Angie for volunteering to coordinate the field crew for the event.


  • Ivan Balabanov and Ebor, 5th place IPO 3
  • Susan Miller and Axa, tie for high tracking, high female, high female
  • Fabian Robinson and Boker, high obedience


Score book policy

Motion passed May 16, 2013 (AWDF annual meeting)

  1. Effective immediately, AWDF member clubs can issue score books to any breed of dog owned by their members and list the dog's breed on the score book provided that proof of FCI recognized registration accompanies the application. Score book application processes used by each member club will be followed.
    • Dogs for which no FCI recognized registration is submitted can receive a scorebook from any AWDF organization but the dog will be listed as a mix.
    • Breeds not recognized by the FCI (for example, American Bulldog) must have their scorebooks issued by their breed organization or the dog will be listed as a mix.
    • Clubs that offer the opportunity to have a non-FCI registered dog's breed listed in the scorebook via a working privilege listing (for example Malinois with the AWMA) must have the scorebook issued by that club.
  2. Effective March 21, 2013, USCA eliminated the requirement for scorebooks to be certified by USCA, thus also removing scorebook certification fees. USCA will accept scorebooks from all AWDF, WUSV, or FCI organizations.
  3. Effective with the 2014 AWDF Championship, the requirement to use an AWDF scorebook is removed. This was done to accommodate the use of foreign scorebooks issued by FCI organizations and therefore complies with the FCI regulation of one scorebook per dog.

For further information, contact your AWDF member club.

FMBB Results

Congratulations to the FMBB Competitors!

The FMBB Championship was held 30th April to 5 May in Koper, Slovenia.

We had a strong showing from our two IPO competitors this year, with Susan Miller and Axa Prima Sudo finishing in ninth place with a score of 98/88/93 (279) and David Green and Luigi Du Dantero in eleventh place with a score of 91/96/91 (278). Congratulations to both and sincere appreciation for taking the time, effort, and expense to represent us at this international event.

AWDF Entries

We have 21 AWMA entries for the upcoming AWDF Championship. Thanks to Donna McGinnis our tireless secretary for making sure everything was done correctly and turned in on time.

Best of luck to all of our competitors:


  • Deb Stephenson Brix de la Forge
  • Ronald Byers Havoc DeMeaux
  • Kimberly Yeager Luger DeMeaux
  • Reed Raleigh Romilda


  • Carol Karchnak Zh'Ak ot Shato Bulgar
  • Ivan Balabanov Ebor ot Vitosha
  • Cynthia Wiley Callaway Cam ot Vitosha
  • Sean Rivera Danskjold Iron
  • Julie Atchinson Obi Wan Kanobi
  • Fabian Rominson Graubaer's Boker
  • John Dolan Torin van der Woulde
  • Natalia Balabanov X'Maddox ot Vitosha
  • Gregory Doud Austin 1:44 ot Vitosha
  • Susan Miller Axa Prima Sudo
  • Harry Wagner Augustus Caesar Haus Wagner
  • Chris Kutelis Mecberger Hegel
  • Mario Gomes Ginger von Maringaland
  • Steve Gregalunas Yargo ot Vitosha
  • Benny Barmapov Master de Alphaville Bohemia
  • Reed Raleigh V'Caesar de Belle Pratique
  • Deadline for AWDF entries

    The deadline for AWDF entries is approaching soon....

    AWDF Championship - After you enter online, please print your entry, sign the waiver (with blue ink), make your check payable to AWMA, and mail to:

    Donna McGinnis
    AWMA Secretary
    P.O. Box 72738
    Phoenix, AZ 85050

    Entries must be to Donna by April 22, 2013.