Welcome Ouray Working Malinois Club

Ouray Working Malinois Club in Colorado is now a full member club of the AWMA. Thank you for joining us!

FMBB team captain

Wonderful news that Anthony Hartelaub will be assisting us as the FMBB team captain. Anthony's experience and connections will be a great asset to our competitors in France. Many thanks to Anthony for his willingness to contribute to the success of our AWMA team.

FMBB tracking

Tracking: The fields will be ground white young corn ( 10 cm high ) Articles will be wood and carpet. The fields will be at 10 km maximum around the stadium.

Pistage: les terrains seront du mais qui sera semé des fin Mars,donc du petit labour avec du mais de 10 cm
les objets: bois ,moquette.
les pistes dans un rayon de 10km maxi


Congratulations to the AWMA's 2016 FMBB IPO team!
  • Ivan Balabanov and Ebor ot Vitosha
  • Samantha Almeida and Lola van het Dreiland
  • Benny Barmapov and Insane vd Berlex-Hoeve
  • Susan Miller and Leo vom Rheudter Land
  • Ludovic Teurbane and Cronos
  • Michael Lorraine and Graubaer's Bruiser
  • 1st alternate Cynthia Wiley and Callaway Cam ot Vitosha
  • 2nd alternate Steve Gregalunas and Quade ot Vitosha

FMBB competitors

Congratulations to Lisa Geller and Stetson Sunset Trailblazer for representing the USA at the FMBB Mondioring competition and to Shari Lipski and Amara von der Eichenquelle for representing us in agility! The AWMA is proud to facilitate participation of Beligan Shepherd Dogs in these two sports at the FMBB.

New Regional Director

Welcome to Linda Guidry as the newly elected regional director of the Southern Region. She replaces Paul Konschak who had served in that capacity for several years. Thank you, Paul for your dedicated service. And thank you to Linda for volunteering to work with the AWMA.

2015 AWMA Nationals

Award Handler Dog
1st Place Ivan Balabanov Ebor Ot Vitosha
2nd Place Samantha Almeida Lola Van het Dreiland
3rd Place Benny Barmapov Insane vd Berlex-Hoeve
4th Place Susan Miller Leo vom Rheurdter Land
5th Place Steve Gregalunas Quade ot Vitosha
High Protection Ivan Balabanov Ebor Ot Vitosha
High Obedience Ivan Balabanov Ebor Ot Vitosha
High Tracking Ivan Balabanov Ebor Ot Vitosha
High in Trial Ivan Balabanov Ebor Ot Vitosha
High Female Handler Samantha Almeida Lola Van het Dreiland
High IPO1 Matt Zellers Yukee DeMeaux
Helpers Choice Samantha Almeida Lola Van het Dreiland
Sportsmanship Jill Lyden  

2015 Mondioring World Cup

While we are on a roll supporting the USMRA, our fellow AWDF member club, here's another really exciting development. The AWMA is also working with the USMRA to send a full team to the FMBB in 2016.

United States Mondioring Association has selected the team that will represent the United States at the World Cup in Vendenheim, France October 1 - 4, 2015. This is the first time that USMRA has hosted a full team, made up of one dog at Mondioring 1, one dog at Mondioring 2, and five plus and alternate at Mondioring 3. This team is authorized by the AWDF, and a representative is sent to the international FCI Sub Committee meeting. Help us follow this team, as it is the most competitive team we have sent to date. Updates will be posted on this group.

MR 1
Terrill Isbell — Petronas OT Vitosha (Vader)

MR 2
Patty Phillips — I'Winston du Loups du Soleil (Winston)

MR 3
Maya Conrad — Moonquest's Zorro del Sol y Noche (Zorro)
Marie Skello — Fuel de Competitor (Fuel)
Shawn Reed — I'Repo du Loups du Soliel (Repo)
David Broderick — Idole du Loups du Soliel (Idole)
Al Vinjamur — Halycon de Loups du Soliel (Haly)

Alternate for MR 3
Paul Anthony — Finnegan des Ombres Valereaux (Finn)

Mondioring officially an FCI international sport!

Some good news for dogsports! Mondioring now officially recognized by the FCI as an international sport.

On June 24 the Mondioring FCI Sub-committee received the official information that the Mondioring is completely recognized as a International discipline. This recognition has been sought for many years, and is the result of a great deal of hard work by many, including President CU/FCI M. F. Jansen.

Congrats to everyone who made this happen.

Help for Apprentice Judges

The AWMA has received a generous donation that will allow us to support our judges program. Here are the things that we are now able to do. If you have been thinking about becoming an apprentice judge but are concerned about costs, this should help at least a little, and we would welcome your application to become a judge. We can now also support AWMA clubs that use AWMA judges, again in the interest of growing our own judging program. Contact us if you have questions!

1. Reimbursement of the $100 UScA fee for AWMA apprentice judges to apprentice under a UScA judge, contingent upon submission of the apprenticeship report to the AWMA DOJ.
2. Reimbursement of $100 in expenses (documented) to apprentice at a trial contingent upon submission of the apprenticeship report to the AWMA DOJ.
3. Payment of $100 to any AWMA club that uses an AWMA judge for their event, payable upon submission of a completed trial report to the AWMA secretary.

2015 AWMA FMBB WC Team

photo by Tim Karchnak


Club / Klub:  American Working Malinois Association (AWMA) 
Teamleader: Jaroslav Labík & Shari Lipski
USA-01 Ivan Balabanov
MAL/M Ebor ot Vitosha
USA-02  Bridget Carlsen
MAL/F Moolah ot Vitosha
USA-03  Gregory Doud
MAL/M Austin 1:44 ot Vitosha 
USA-04 James Honda
MAL/M E'Tienne del Fuego Interno
USA-05 Julie Atchison
MAL/M Brando du Loups du Soleil 
USA-06 Ludovic Teurbane
MAL/M Cronos Teurbane
USA-07/S Everhard Ernsting
MAL/F Chilli Airport Hannover
USA-08/S Cynthia Wiley
MAL/M Callaway Cam ot Vitosha