October 14, 2017 

Executive Board Meeting

AWMA Board Members:  Anne Camper, Michelle Kutelis, Linda Guidry, and Donna McGinnis

Ms. Camper asked for appeals for waivers. Ms. McGinnis acknowledged the Florida WDC had requested a waiver, that they attempted to arrange a trial and had previously held a trial in July of 2016.

With regard to the pending Committee vote, Ms. Camper suggested it would be more expedient to conduct that vote by acclimation unless we had nominations from the floor.

Ms. Camper then asked for discussion regarding a potential change to the Bylaws for the manner in which we hold our annual meeting, noting how difficult it is for people to travel to the championship to be present for the meeting.  Ms. Camper asked if the board would be in favor of setting up a group that could look into electronic meeting formats.  Ms. Kutelis commented on her experience with another organization, noting it was the only way to hold a meeting where travel is prohibitive.  Ms. Camper stated she was not in favor of one member/one vote as an option, as it would leave zero incentive to pulls clubs together with delegate representation, but wanted to find ways to encourage participation so members could feel they were more a part of the organization.

Discussion then commenced regarding the number of clubs that had not paid dues, noting that they would be removed from the website. 

Lastly, Ms. Camper asked if those present would return for the next call, adding that holding a call before the general meeting may no longer make sense and perhaps that format should also be revisited.