October 14, 2017 

Minutes of Annual Board Meeting

AWMA Board:  Anne Camper, Christopher Smith, Carol Karchnak, Linda Guidry, Michelle Kutelis, and Donna McGinnis.

Club Delegates: All Canine Working Dog Club, Annie Wildmoser; Big Sky Working Dogs, Janice Bogy; Midwest Working Dog Association, Angie Stark; No Way Jose Working Dog Association, Jose Rodriguez;  South Coast Working Dog Club, Mario Gomes; Three Mountains Working Dog Association, Tim Karchnak;  Oxford IPO Working Dog Club Canada, Anthony Hartelaub.

Guests: Diamond Hansel, Steve Gregalunas.

  1. Call to Order and Introductions

Ms. Camper called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm and announced that we only had the conference room until 6:00 p.m.

  1. Reading of the Previous Meeting Minutes

Ms. Camper asked for comments or corrections to the minutes of the previous meeting.  No comments were given and upon a motion by Mr. Smith, with a second, the minutes were approved.

  1. Officer Reports

Ms. Camper called for officer reports:

President:  Ms. Camper noted the President’s Message would be distributed electronically following the meeting.


Vice President: Mr. Smith, no report.

Secretary:  Ms. McGinnis reported two new clubs were formed earlier in year, with one currently under consideration, one Board of Inquiry investigation currently in progress, and that the collective clubs of AWMA  held a total of 15 trials since the date of the last general meeting.

Treasurer: Ms. Karchnak read her report, as follows: The checkbook balance is $42,409.63.  There is approximately $800 in the PayPal account.  Almost everyone this year paid through PayPal.  This year we paid $473 in taxes to Arizona and to the IRS we paid $1,339.66.  I don’t anticipate owing this year.  I’m in the process of filling out forms to file for tax exempt status and it is not a small task and will not be finished before tax time.  The 2018 proposed budget and 2017 YTD report is attached.  This year, there is also a comparison to the 2017 budget to the document.

Membership Chair:  Ms. Camper read the Membership Chair’s report:  We had 267 members last year, down slightly from the previous year, and scorebooks were exactly the same, 93.

Regional Director Reports

Northeast region: Ms. Camper read Mr. Singleton’s report, as follows:  This year clubs in the region hosted numerous approved trials and events.  Two clubs, High Drive Working Dogs and Blue Water have not had events this year.  Blue Water dissolved after the death of a valued member, Pat Carpenter.  High Drive Working Dogs has not hosted an approved event in the last 2 years and will be moved to probationary status and had been contacted by email.  He included a summary of trials that were held, one new club packet for the region waiting on final votes, one trial scheduled for November at Motor City and possibly KC WDC would be holding another trial, and wished everyone safe travel and a good championship.

Southeast region:  Ms. Guidry noted she contacted clubs in her region several times with no response and that she did receive a request for waiver for The Florida Working Dog Club.

Northwest region:  No report.

World Championship/National Events Committee:   Ms. Camper acknowledged that the World Championship/National Events Committee sent a brief report on the FMBB and FCI team success.

Judges Committee:  Ms. Camper stated we had one apprentice judge this year, Tim Karchnak, and that Mr. Karchnak was making excellent progress towards his judge’s license.  She further stated the AWMA was most appreciative of his willingness to step forward and serve the organization.

Board of Inquiry:   Ms. Camper acknowledged one matter was currently under consideration by the Board of Inquiry and information regarding its resolution would be available in due time.

  1. Elections

Ms. Camper stated that the elections for incumbent regional directors were held apart from the annual meeting, so the only election remaining would be to fill the Judges, Nomination, and National Events Committees.  She asked if anyone wished to nominate themselves from the floor for any of these positions.   Ms. Camper suggested voting on two of the committees by acclimation, and with no opposition given, the vote for the Nomination Committee (Michelle Kutelis and Katie Finlay) and the Judges Committee (Christopher Smith and Carol Karchnak) concluded. Following a vote by ballot, via email and by those present, the World Championship/National Events Committee was filled with Jim Honda and Shari Lipsky. 

  1. Old Business

Ms. Camper revisited the active club policy from the previous year, stating that it was distributed to all the member clubs and could also be found under policies and procedures on the AWMA website.

  1. New Business

Potential change to Bylaws for Annual Meeting.  Ms. Camper addressed the possibility of changing the manner in which the annual meeting is held via new technology as opposed to having a conventional style board meeting requiring delegates’ attendance, as it was increasingly more difficult to have participation given the time and expense of travel, adding that any change would require a Bylaws revision to implement.  No opposition was stated.

How to utilize AWMA financial resources.  Ms. Camper asked for discussion regarding ways to use AWMA’s resources in order to grow the organization, given an approximate $40,000 balance in the checking account.  She further noted some years we were out ahead by a reasonable amount, while other years we broke even, and maintaining a cushion was necessary.  Ms. Karchnak then listed net income alongside required taxes, as follows:  Starting in 2012 the net income was $3,270, we paid the IRS $491 and AZ  $228; in 2013 our net income was $12,985, we paid the IRS $450 and AZ $920; in 2014 our net income was $369, we paid the IRS nothing and paid AZ $50 (thought to be for incorporation); in 2015 our net income was $6,450, we paid the IRS $967 and AZ $390; and last year our net income was $8,597, we paid the IRS almost $1,300 and AZ $473.  Ms. Camper acknowledged that Ms. Karchnak had been working on our exempt status and it would save the AWMA most of the taxes mentioned. 

Ms. Camper reiterated her request for suggestions of activities.  Suggestions included,  helper training program,  co-sponsorships with other organizations, a mentor program for new people getting into the sport, reinstating the website’s FAQs on how to get a scorebook, how to enter a trial, and to compile the FAQs as a new person’s guide in joining the AWMA.   

Discussion then shifted to ways to raise money for the world teams, such as adding $10 to membership to be donated for the FCI or FMBB team, or to start a sponsorship program/committee.  With regard to sponsorship, Ms. Camper explained people simply do not step forward to assist.  She further stated she had ideas on ways to raise funds for the FMBB team, such as holding an online auction, but she would need assistance to implement such a venture.  Additional suggestions included raising dues, applying late fees, offering regional training weekends,  inviting judges to assist with helper programs, presenting discussion on the rules, offering seminars, offering obedience or protection demonstrations to raise awareness to the sport, and lastly, that each regional be given X amount to pay for the expenses of a notable presenter, with no charge for attendance to confirmed AWMA members, or that the person giving the seminar could volunteer their time, with the host organization covering their expenses regarding hotel and food. 

How to encourage clubs to host the championship.  Ms. Camper noted the $2,000 amount given to the championship host club had been in place for a long time and perhaps it was time to re-visit the amount to make it enough to encourage clubs to step forward.  Ms. Stark noted that the amount of money may not be the problem, that it could be more related to the amount of unknown responsibility, and that $2,000 in seed money is enough to get started once the sponsorships, trophy donations, and entry fees started coming in.  Lastly, a survey was suggested to further research on what kept clubs from stepping forward.

Ms. Camper then directed discussion to possibly placing limits on championship entry fees.  She asked those present what the maximum amount a host club should charge for a national entry.  After discussion, the general consensus was no more than $200.

Ms. Camper asked for a motion to adjourn.  Upon a motion to adjourn by Mr. Smith, followed with a second, the meeting adjourned at 6:08 p.m.