Relationship with other organizations

Q:  What relationships does the AWMA have with national and international organizations?

A:  A preface to this answer is that the AWMA believes strongly in collaboration and minimizing redundancy. This is why we do not have a breed registry (the FCI will only recognize AKC registrations from the US) and why we do not focus on conformation (the perview of the AKC breed clubs within the AKC). This allows us to focus on preserving the working ability of the Belgian Malinois through IPO.

AWDF - The AWMA is a full voting member in the AWDF. This allows us to share authorized judges, have our titles recognized by the other AWDF clubs, and send AWMA members to the AWDF IPO and FH Championships. Placement at the AWDF events provides an avenue to competition at the FCI World Championships.

FMBB - The FMBB is the world federation for Belgian Shepherd Dogs. The AWMA is a member of the FMBB, and as such, sends teams to the FMBB Championships. IPO competitors can be any Belgian breed (selection criteria for the team are on the website). We assist the Belgian community in the US in selecting an agility team. The Mondio team is selected in cooperation with the USMRA because they are responsible for Mondio in the US.

AKC/ABMC/BSCA - The AWMA has cordial and cooperative relationships with the American Belgian Malinois Club and the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America, leading to agreements through the AKC for the listing of AWMA event-earned titles on AKC pedigrees. Because the AWMA does not provide agility events, eligible breed club members can declare for the AWMA FMBB agility team. Thus a member of the BSCA could ask to be on the AWMA FMBB team but would need to be an AWMA member to be eligible — that is part of the declaration requirements. But AWMA dues are only $30 so that shouldn't be an impediment!


Q:  Are AWMA board members compensated from the AWMA treasury?

A:  This is an entirely volunteer organization and compensation (other than reimbursement) is prohibited by our by-laws. We have no paid staff. There is reimbursement for someone to serve as the delegate for the AWDF meeting limited to $750 (receipts required)as per our policies and procedures, and we do provide resources for our Director of Judges to periodically attend the FCI meeting. Your President and other board members are not compensated or reimbursed to attend the AWMA annual meeting held in conjunction with our IPO championship.

Listing titles in the AKC pedigree

Q:  Is it possible to have my dog's AWMA IPO titles listed on their AKC pedigree?

A:  Yes! The American Working Malinois Association, the American Belgian Malinois Club and the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America have collaborated to create a program where working titles can be recorded on your dog's AKC pedigree. As per restrictions from the AKC, only AKC registered Belgian Malinois and Belgian Sheepdogs are eligible to record titles through this program, and titles must have been earned at an AWMA event. At present, titles that can be recorded are BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, SchH1, SchH2, SchH3. The titles must have been earned since 2000. See all of the information here:

Trial titles and rules

Q:  What titles can be offered at AWMA trials and what rules will be followed?

A:  AWMA clubs can offer all available FCI titles, including protection only. The AWMA does not offer the AD. A listing of the titles a club will offer at their trial is posted on the AWMA website with the trial listing. The AWMA follows the posted FCI rules, with any clarifications on the AWMA website. The only deviation is that an individual may show three dogs instead of two at any individual trial.

Entering the Nationals

Q: Who can enter the AWMA National IPO Championship?

A:  From our policies and procedures: "All FCI registered Belgian Shepherd Dogs with an AWDF recognized scorebook will be allowed to enter, along with any dog that has an AWMA issued AWDF scorebook that lists the dog as a Belgian Malinois, regardless of whether it is FCI registered or not. Handlers must be current and valid members of the AWMA." This means that other Belgian breeds (Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Tervurens) that have FCI recognized registration can enter. It also means that a dog that has an AWMA WPL listing/scorebook can enter.