AWMA Club Advantages

Q: Are there advantages in forming an AWMA club?

A: There are several advantages. As an AWMA club you have access to reduced event insurance. Club dues are less than nearly any other organization. You may use any accepted FCI or AWDF member club judge and any qualified helper at your trials. You may use an event like a training seminar to substitute for your annual requirement for a trial without losing your full club status. We welcome all competitors with a current AWDF membership - they are not charged additional fees and all competitor's scores will be posted regardless of the handler's affiliation.

Forming an AWMA Club

Q:  What are the requirements to form an AWMA club?  Do all members have to own and train Malinois?

A:  AWMA clubs are open to all breeds.  You need three AWMA members (they do not need to own Malinois) to form a club and a set of by-laws.  The application can be for a full member club if you have experience hosting trials and there is no requirement for an affiliation trial.  Contact your Regional Director for their approval and send the application to the AWMA secretary for review.  See the information and application form here:

Not a Malinois

Q:  I have a breed other than a Malinois.  Can I get a scorebook for my dog through the AWMA? Will it list the breed in the scorebook?

A: Yes!  If you are a member of the AWMA you may obtain a scorebook for your dog regardless of breed.  If your dog is registered with an organization that is recognized by the FCI (AKC registration is fine) and you submit that information with your scorebook application your dog's breed will be listed on the scorebook.  If your dog is not registered or if the registry is with a non-FCI recognized organization it will be listed as a mix.

Scorebook question

Q:  I have a Malinois that is registered with a non-FCI recognized organization, or is not registered.  Is it possible to get a scorebook that lists my dog as  Malinois and not as a mix breed?

A:  Yes if you are an AWMA member and purchase your scorebook through the AWMA.  There is an application form for a Working Privilege Listing on the scorebook page on the website.  You will be asked to provide clear photographs of your dog and other information.  If your dog resembles a Malinois it will be listed as such on your scorebook.  The AWMA is the only organization that will do this; all other AWDF organizations require that the dog be registered with an FCI-recognized organization.

Entering trials

Q: Who can enter AWMA trials and are AWMA titles recognized by other IPO organizations?

A: Anyone with any dog can enter an AWMA trial if the dog has a valid AWDF recognized scorebook, and if the handler is in good standing with a current membership in an AWDF recognized organization (see AWDF member clubs on the AWDF website). Similarly, as a current AWMA member with an AWMA issued scorebook, you may enter any AWDF member club's trial. Note that UScA has an additional charge for nonmembers to enter their trials. Titles earned in AWMA trials will be recognized by all AWDF member organizations (and internationally) with the possible exception of when the titles would be part of breed surveys conducted by other breed organizations. If you are planning to use titles earned at an AWMA trial for a breed survey it is best to check with that organization to determine if titles will be accepted.