Friday FAQ - what are the requirements for entering the AWMA IPO National Championship? How does this affect qualifying for the FMBB? From our policies and procedures: Entering the AWMA National IPO Championship - All FCI registered Belgian Shepherd Dogs with an AWDF recognized scorebook will be allowed to enter, along with any dog that has an AWMA issued AWDF scorebook that lists the dog as a Belgian Malinois, regardless of whether it is FCI registered or not. Handlers must be current and valid members of the AWMA (as approved July 20, 2011). This means that we allow all Belgian Shepherds (including Belgian Sheepdogs, Tervurens, and Lakinois) with an FCI recognized registration to enter if they meet the above qualifications. If these dogs place in the top 4, they are eligible to represent the AWMA at the FMBB IPO Championship. Non-registered Malinios can also enter, but they are not eligible to enter the FMBB as per their requirements of FCI recognized registration. We will also allow entry by competitors from other countries who meet the above qualifications, but they would not be eligible for the FMBB as per requirements by the FMBB for residency in the country of sponsorship.