Friday FAQ - What is the purpose of a scorebook bond and how can it be used? From our policies and procedures: "Competitors who do not present a scorebook prior to the beginning of the trial (temperament test or beginning of the first phase) will be required to post a $50 refundable scorebook bond. The bond will be refunded upon presentation of the scorebook, which must be within 48 hours of the completion of the trial. If no scorebook is presented within the allotted time frame, the $50 is forfeit, and the AWMA will issue a scorebook in the dog’s name listing the dog as a mix and showing the trial results, which will be mailed to the handler. " Also note that only AWMA members my post a scorebook bond for entry into an AWMA trial. In other words, if the competitor presents a membership card from any other AWDF member club as part of their entry, they cannot post a scorebook bond. This is because the AWMA cannot issue a scorebook to someone who is not an AWMA member. This competitor would not be able to enter the trial because they do not have a scorebook (and cannot post a bond). Scorebook bonds are not a good solution for not ordering your scorebook prior to the trial. In these circumstances, the scorebook must be issued, then sent to the AWMA secretary for entry of the scores, forwarded to the judge for their signature, and finally sent back to the handler. Save the extra $50 and avoid this hassle and inconvenience to everyone! Plan ahead and order your dog's scorebook well in advance. As soon as you have determined that you think you may want to enter a trial some day in the future, order your scorebook and keep it in a safe place. Then be sure to take it with you to the trial so you are not in the situation of having to post a bond.