Friday FAQ - Why does the AWMA have a club in Canada? A: The answer to this question goes hand in hand with the FAQ from last week on collaboration. In the past, a group in Canada established an organization that supported IPO work for the Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD) (as an aside, if you don't already know this, in most countries the Belgians are not separate breeds as they are in the US, but are varieties of the same breed, the BSD). That effort folded several years ago due to lack of activity. Most recently, a group in Ontario approached the AWMA to see if we could assist them in restablishing a club in Canada. The only breed organization responsible for IPO in Canada has been the German Shepherd Shutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC), which is affiliated with their GSD breed club and hence the Canadian Kennel Club with further connection to the FCI. The Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada was contacted to be sure that there was no issue with the AWMA working with a Canadian Belgian Shepherd Dog IPO organization, and approval was obtained from them and also from the GSSCC. These approvals ensured that there was no breach of process with having an American organization work directly with Canadian BSD IPO sports enthusiasts. The purpose of the relationship is to allow the Canadians time to develop their infrastructure, with the intent of having them launch their own Canadian organization when the time is right. Also note that Canadian AWMA members cannot represent the AWMA at the FMBB or the FCI Championship as per the rules of those organizations.