Q:  What relationships does the AWMA have with national and international organizations?

A:  A preface to this answer is that the AWMA believes strongly in collaboration and minimizing redundancy. This is why we do not have a breed registry (the FCI will only recognize AKC registrations from the US) and why we do not focus on conformation (the perview of the AKC breed clubs within the AKC). This allows us to focus on preserving the working ability of the Belgian Malinois through IPO.

AWDF - The AWMA is a full voting member in the AWDF. This allows us to share authorized judges, have our titles recognized by the other AWDF clubs, and send AWMA members to the AWDF IPO and FH Championships. Placement at the AWDF events provides an avenue to competition at the FCI World Championships.

FMBB - The FMBB is the world federation for Belgian Shepherd Dogs. The AWMA is a member of the FMBB, and as such, sends teams to the FMBB Championships. IPO competitors can be any Belgian breed (selection criteria for the team are on the website). We assist the Belgian community in the US in selecting an agility team. The Mondio team is selected in cooperation with the USMRA because they are responsible for Mondio in the US.

AKC/ABMC/BSCA - The AWMA has cordial and cooperative relationships with the American Belgian Malinois Club and the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America, leading to agreements through the AKC for the listing of AWMA event-earned titles on AKC pedigrees. Because the AWMA does not provide agility events, eligible breed club members can declare for the AWMA FMBB agility team. Thus a member of the BSCA could ask to be on the AWMA FMBB team but would need to be an AWMA member to be eligible — that is part of the declaration requirements. But AWMA dues are only $30 so that shouldn't be an impediment!