Motion for vote: November 19, 2019

Motion to accept Lake Valley WDC as a full member club of the AWMA.

Poll closed December 3, 2019 and passed

Yes:  Anne Camper, Christina Hansel, Carol Karchnak, Michelle Kutelis, Kim Yeager, Annie Wildmoser, Katie Finlay, Randall Hoadley

Motion for vote: November 12, 2019 (2)

Motion to accept New Haven AWMA as a full member club of the AWMA

Yes Anne Camper, Kim Yeager, Carol Karchnak, Katie Finlay, Randall Hoadley, Annie Wildmoser, Christina Hansel

Poll closed November 26, 2019 and passed

Motion for vote: November 12, 2019

Motion to accept Man O'War Working Dog Club as a full member club of the AWMA

Yes  Anne Camper, Kim Yeager, Carol Karchnak, Randall Hoadley, Annie Wildmoser, Michelle Kutelis

Poll closed November 26, 2019 and passed.

Board of Inquiry: Camper vs Singleton

The Board of Inquiry received a complaint dated September 19, 2019 by certified mail. The complaint was filed by AWMA President Anne Camper against Mr. Waine Singleton.

Mr. Waine Singleton, AWMA performance judge and Northern Region director, used a pejorative term (faggot) in an online post that became public. The assertion was that this adversely affects the AWMA and our reputation as an open, unbiased, non-discriminatory organization and has the potential to discourage members of the LGBTQ+ community from associating with the AWMA and entering trials at which he may officiate. Screen captures of the pejorative were sent by an AWMA member.

The use of the pejorative in the screen capture between Mr. Singleton and Mr. Feliciano represents sex/gender discrimination in addition to sexual orientation discrimination. The exchange references negative stereotypes related to sex- based characteristics, and what are considered to be sex/gender norms.

An incident that is motivated by bias includes offensive conduct or language toward a person or group because of membership in a protected class (actual or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic discrimination or veteran status).  The term “faggot” is a vulgar and derogatory epithet used to target the gay community. It is a pejorative term primarily used to refer to gay men but may also be used to refer to lesbians. It is not a benign insult; in the LGBTQ+ community it has the same connotation as “nigger” for African Americans. Mr. Singleton’s use of this language indicates bias against the protected classes of both sex/gender and sexual orientation.

In addition to the unfavorable perception and potential for legal action against the AWMA created by Mr. Singleton’s use of the pejorative against a protected class, specific organizational policies were violated. One is the American Working Dog Federation requirements for member clubs to foster a strong and positive public image to support AWDF objectives and the second being the AWMA statement of the conduct of judges (A judge is a representative of AWMA on and off the field at all times; A judge must always be fair and unbiased in their work; A judge should always conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner).

Mr. Singleton acted against the best interests and the reputation of the AWMA by using a pejorative against a protected class, exposed the AWMA to potential legal action, and put the AWMA at risk for not adhering to the AWDF’s requirements for member clubs. As a judge, he specifically violated the AWMA’s judges conduct requirements to act as a representative on and off the field. His behavior called into question his ability to be unbiased in his judging work. It was certainly unsportsmanlike.

This was the second time charges were brought against him, with the first charge resulting in a 30-day suspension of his license (September 19, 2018.)

The Board of Inquiry recommended revocation of Mr. Singleton’s license to judge and suspension of membership for 3 years. The AWMA executive board reviewed all submitted materials (original charge, response from Mr. Singleton, recommendations from the BOI). The executive board, with a majority vote, upheld the recommendation for revocation of Mr. Singleton’s license to judge and the three-year membership suspension.

Charges were implemented November 18, 2019

Motion for vote: November 13, 2019

In the matter of Camper v. Singleton, I vote to follow the BOI committee’s recommendation of 3 years membership suspension and permanent revocation of Waine Singleton’s judging license.

Passed with majority vote closed November 18, 2019