Motion for vote: December 4, 2019

Motion to accept Metro Detroit Schutzhund and Police K9 as full AWMA club

Poll closed December 18 and passed 

Yes  Anne Camper, Jill Lyden, Carol Karchnak, Randall Hoadley, Olga Baram, Katie Finlay, Annie Wildmoser, Michelle Kutelis


Motion for vote: December 2, 2019

Vote to accept Randall Hoadley as a fully licensed AWMA judge

Poll closed December 16, 2019 and passed.

6 yes, 2 no, 2 did not vote



BOI: Guidry vs Hoadley

The Board of Inquiry received an undated complaint in November by certified mail. Linda Guidry contended that the election conducted for the Southern Region Assistant Regional Director by Randall Hoadley was done incorrectly according to the bylaws. The charges were deemed not relevant and dismissed because the position was vacant and therefore the election could be held at any time.

Respectfully submitted on December 16, 2019
Monty Ellison BOI Chairman, Dana Miller BOI Committee Member, Natalia Balabanov BOI Committee Member

BOI: Carlson vs Smith

The Board of Inquiry received a complaint dated November 5, 2019 by certified mail. The complaint was filed by AWMA Secretary Kim Yeager for Scott Carlson (not an AWMA member) against Christopher Smith.

The charge claimed that there was an altercation between Mr. Carlson and Mr. Smith at the 2019 AWMA National IGP Championship. A video was included as evidence.

After reviewing the charges, the AWMA Board of Inquiry found that this BOI was not relevant and dismissed the charges because it was improperly filed. AWMA members can’t file a BOI on the behalf of Non AWMA Members.

Respectfully submitted on December 2, 2019.
Monty Ellison BOI Chairman, Dana Miller BOI Committee Member, Diamond Hansel BOI Committee Member

Motion for vote: November 19, 2019

Motion to accept policy for maintaining full member club status and eligibility to vote at the annual meeting

Poll closed December 3, 2019 and passed.

Yes Anne Camper, Kim Yeager, Christina Hansel, Randall Hoadley, Annie Wildmoser, Katie Finlay