The Board of Inquiry received a complaint dated November 3, 2019 sent by certified mail by Secretary Kim Yeager on November 20, 2019.
The complaint was filed by Mr. Tim Karchnak on behalf of the World Championship/National Events Committee against Ms. Anne Camper, Mr. Monty Ellison, and All Canine Working Dog Club. The charge was that the championship field was made available for use prior to the official practice time.

As per established processes regarding conflict of interest, no one in any of the clubs that involve the person issuing the complaint or the accused can participate in the process. This required that BOI members Mr. Monty Ellison and Mr. Diamond Hansel recuse themselves, and AWMA board members Ms. Anne Camper, Mr. Christopher Smith, Ms. Annie Wildmoser, Ms. Carol Karchnak, and Ms. Katie Finlay were not involved in any of the discussions or voting. The BOI involved in hearing the case included Ms. Dana Miller, Ms. Natalia Balabanov, and Ms. Tyler Peabody.

The bylaws have different provisions for charges against clubs and individuals. The BOI did not meet the 60-day timeline against the club.

The BOI found All Canine Working Dog Club to not be at fault.
The BOI found Ms. Anne Camper to not be at fault.
The BOI found a relevant case against Mr. Monty Ellison with a split decision.

The AWMA Executive Board members who did not have a conflict of interest met by phone on February 9, 2020. By a majority (3/2) vote, the decision was not sustained against Mr. Ellison.