The Board of Inquiry received a complaint by Certified Mail sent out Jan 31, 2018 of abusive behavior by member, and AWMA Probationary Judge, Waine Singleton on Social Media. The complaint was filed by AWMA President Anne Camper. The complaint stated that on Jan 10, 2018 Waine Singleton had engaged in threatening and abusive language on Face Book directed at several women. The conduct originated from a post where Waine Singleton was accused of plagiarism. Two women who are not members of the AWMA but of IPO breed organizations, contacted President Anne Camper, and made a complaint of profanity, name calling and comments they perceived as threats.

The Board reviewed a copy of the complaint, various screen shots and the response of Waine Singleton of the charges. After reviewing the provided information it was determined that Waine Singleton had posted the message on his page not acting as an AWMA officer or Judge, but as Waine Singleton with good intentions as a message to the IPO community. Other people on social media including the original complainants posted that the quote was plagiarized and the author not given credit .

Waine Singleton according to the screen shots responded with profanity and name calling. According to the response of Waine Singleton he was deleting posts to him that he felt were attacking his character. These posts were not seen in the materials provided because they were deleted. The Board did review the provided responses and came to an agreement of action to be recommended by the Board.

Under AWMA Judges Requirements 5 (a) Judges Conduct it states " A judge is a representative of AWMA on and off the field at all times." The Board felt that the profanity which was used in two separate posts on Face Book by Waine Singleton directed at persons in the IPO community over this incident was not the proper behavior of an AWMA Judge or Officer. The board did weigh in on the contributions to the sport and the AWMA that Waine Singleton contributes.

The Board recommends that the AWMA Judging license of Waine Singleton be suspended for 30 days and he be reprimanded.

Suspension commenced on February 20, 2018.