Congratulations to the AWMA winners at the AWDF

The AWDF / FCI IPO team will be the 1st - 7th place winners from the 2014 AWDF IPO Championship. 6 & 7 as the alternates.
Congrats to our winners who will be representing the AWDF in Sweden!

1st - Fabian Robinson - Graubaer's Boker - 286
2nd - Ivan Balabanov - Ebor ot Vitosha- 285
3rd - Phil Hoelcher - Callaway Cam ot Vitosha - 277
4th - Julie Atchison - Brando du Loups du Soliel - 277
5th - Pablo Varela - Garm vom Adlerauge - 276
6th - Frans Slaman - Brongo fron Fighter - 274
7th - Mark Soccoccio - Ali vom Hofe Schumaker - 270

Further congratulations are in order:

Fabian and Bear, high tracking (98) and high Malinois.
 Ivan and Ebor, high protection (98) and high HOT
 Julie and Brando, high obedience (96)
Helper's choice Hardy and Chilli
High IPO2 Fabian and Jaeger
High team  - AWMA

2014 FMBB IPO Team

Congratulations to the 2014 FMBB IPO team! 

Selected by virtue of top placements at AWMA Championship:

Julie Atchison/Brando du Loups du Soliel

Benny Barmapov/Insane v.d. Berlex-Hoeve

John Petitti/Darth Del Fuego Interno

Ivan Balabanov/Ebor ot Vitosha

Selected on the point system:

Chris Kutelis/Mecberger Hegel

Susan Miller/Axa Prima Sudo

First alternate:

Cynthia Wiley (handler Phil Hoelcher)/Callaway Cam ot Vitosha

Second alternate:

Ludovic Terubane/Cronos Terubane

Third alternate:

Ugne Schmitt-Sody/Stormvogel's Alya Joy

Fourth alternate:

Fabian Robinson/Grubaer's Boker

FMBB Agility Team

Shari Lipski/Amara von der Eichenquelle (Malinois)

Chris Libs/B'Rumba du Volant (Groenendal)


AWMA Championship

It is now history - thanks to Angie Stark, Waine Singleton and Midwest Working Dogs for all the work they put into hosting a great event.  The judges, helpers, and track layers made sure everything was fair and consistent for all the competitors.  In the end the results were: 

AWMA Champion - Julie Atchison and Brando du Loups du Soleil

Vice Champion - Benny Barmapov and Insane v.d. Berlex-Hoeve

IPO III 3rd place - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno

IPO III 4th place - Ivan Balabanov and Ebor ot Vitosha

IPO I 1st place - Sondra Rolison and E'Mamba Chenile de Loucyn

IPO II 1st place - Linda Guidry and F'Wrak du Loucyn

High tracking - Chris Kutelis and Mecberger Hegel

High obedience - Ivan Balabanov and Ebor ot Vitosha

High protection - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno

High HOT - Julie Atchison and Brando du Loups du Soleil

High Amateur HOT - John Petitti and Darth del Fuego Interno

High Jr. Handler - Alyssa Pisano and Masons Paws

High Female - Hardy Enrsting and Chilli Airport Hannover

Helpers Choice - Hardy Ernsting and Chilli Airport Hannover

Sportsmanship - Benny Barmapov

High Scoring Breeder - del Fuego Interno

Warren Jones Sportsmanship - Anne Camper



Annual meeting

The annual meetings for the AWMA are coming up soon on Friday, November 15 at the championship in Illinois, time and location to be announced soon.  Clubs, be sure your membership rosters are up to date and that you name your delegate for the meeting.  We need your presence for a quorum to conduct the business of the organization.  The agendas are as follows.   


Call to Order

Reading of minutes of previous meeting

Appeals for waiver of annual event from local clubs

Old business

Discussion on AWDF, FCI and sport politics

New business

            Judges program

            Training aids



Call to Order

Reading of minutes of previous meeting

Officer reports


            Vice President



                        Budget summary from previous year

                        Proposed budget for next year

            Membership chair

Scorebook report

Committee reports

            World Championship/National Events

            Judges Committee


            Standing Committees

                        Auditing Committee – 3 members

                        Board of Inquiry – 3 members and alternate(s)

                        World Championship/National Events – 2 members

Judges Committee – off cycle for one non-judge

            Ad-hoc Committees

Old Business

            AWDF information

FCI and FMBB updates

New Business

Discussion of motions and actions taken by board in previous year

AWMA Nationals – contracts, bids

            Policy on training equipment

            Recruiting judges

            Directions for the AWMA


Congratulations to the 2013 FCI team

Congratulations to the team for their second place finish and to the AWMA members for their outstanding performances.  We are proud of your accomplishments.


Score book policy

Motion passed May 16, 2013 (AWDF annual meeting)

1.   Effective immediately, AWDF member clubs can issue score books to any breed of dog owned by their members and list the dog’s breed on the score book provided that proof of FCI recognized registration accompanies the application.  Score book application processes used by each member club will be followed.

 a.       Dogs for which no FCI recognized registration is submitted can receive a scorebook from any AWDF organization but the dog will be listed as a mix.

 b.      Breeds not recognized by the FCI (for example, American Bulldog) must have their scorebooks issued by their breed organization or the dog will be listed as a mix.

 c.       Clubs that offer the opportunity to have a non-FCI registered dog’s breed listed in the scorebook via a working privilege listing (for example Malinois with the AWMA) must have the scorebook issued by that club.

 2.       Effective March 21, 2013,  USCA eliminated the requirement for scorebooks to be certified by USCA, thus also removing scorebook certification fees. USCA will accept scorebooks from all  AWDF, WUSV, or FCI organizations.

 3.        Effective with the 2014 AWDF Championship, the requirement to use an AWDF scorebook is removed.  This was done to accommodate the use of foreign  scorebooks issued by FCI organizations and therefore complies with the FCI regulation of one scorebook per dog.

 For further information, contact your AWDF member club.


 Congratulations to the 2013 FCI IPO Team!

Three of the five team members this year are from the AWMA:
Team Captain - AWDF President Al Govednik
Sean O'Kane with Max ze Stribrneho Kamene (UScA)
Mike Deihl with Irmus Galan Nalag (UScA)
Fabian Robinson with Graubaer's Boker (AWMA)
Susan Miller with Axa Prima Sudo (AWMA)
Pablo Varela with Garm vom Adlerauge (AWMA)

1st Alternate
Frans Slaman with Brongo Fron Fighter (UScA)


Congratulations to the AWDF Competitors

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2013 AWDF Championship.  AWMA won the

team challenge.  Individual accomplishments include:

Ivan Balabanov and Ebor, 5th place IPO 3

Susan Miller and Axa, tie for high tracking, high female, high XX

Fabian Robinson and Boker, high obedience


Congratulations to the FMBB  Competitors

We had a strong showing from our two IPO competitors this year, with Susan Miller and Axa finishing in ninth place with a score of 98/88/93 (279) and David Green and Luigi in eleventh place with a score of 91/96/91 (278).  Congratulations to both and sincere appreciation for taking the time, effort, and expense to represent us at this international event.


Declarations for the FCI IPO Championships 

Declarations are due (not postmarked) by June 5 to Donna McGinnis.  The declaration can be found at:

Regulations for declaring can be found at:


Congratulations to our 2013 FMBB Team!

We are proud to announce the following members of the AWMA team to the FMBB:

Fabian Robinson and Graubaer's Boker
Sean Rivera and Daneskjold Iron
David Greene and Luigi du Dantero
Susan Miller and Axa Prima Sudo

Mondio (in partnership with the USMRA)
Melissa Mims and E'Lykos von Donnertal

Congrats to all!!!


Delarations for the 2013 FMBB Team

Declarations for the 2013 FMBB team are due on February 1.  We will be sending a team for IPO, agility (open to all Belgian breeds) and Mondio (in partnership with the United States Mondioring Association).  Information on declaring can be found on the policies and procedures link of the webpage.  We are also seeking donations for the 2013 team.  If you would like to make a donation, there is a link on the right hand side of the screen for the paypal button that says "donation."  Once you enter the donation amount you can click the button that says "please indicate what the donation is for' and enter FMBB 2013.  You can also send a check to the to the AWMA treasurer with a note that it is for the team. 


Thank you in advance for all of your help. GO USA!!!


Bids for the 2013 AWMA National IPO Championship

Please consider submitting a bid to host the 2013 championship.  Send your information to the AWMA president.  Information on hosting and the contract can be found on the policies and procedures link on the website.


2012 FMBB TEAM  

The American Working Malinois Association is proud to announce the FMBB 2012 USA

Sean Rivera with Daneskjold Iron

John Soares with Vion la Maschera di Ferro
Benny Barmapov with Master de Alphaville Bohemia
Harry Wagner with Augustus Caesar Haus Wagner
David Greene with Luigi Du Dantero

The 18th FMBB World Championship will take place May 3-6 in Rocca Priora(ROMA)

Italy. Check out the World Championship website for pictures, details, and more.

Congratulations to all our team members!!!

Our 2011 FMBB US World Team had great success last year in Nieuwpoort, Belgium,

finishing as second team overall, making AWMA history with the highest team
placing to date!  We hope for continued success and encourage as much support as
possible for this year's team.  Unfortunately, the cost of  travelling abroad
can be overwhelming but the importance and honor of being a part of the team is
priceless to the chosen competitors. That is why we ask for as much support as
possible from any and all dog sport enthusiasts! Help the US make this another
memorable and successful year!

The AWMA Welcomes donations to the 2012 FMBB Team! If you'd like to make a donation,

please look on the righthand side of the screen for the paypal button that says donation. Once

you log into paypal and enter an amount of money to donate, you can click the button that says

"please indicate what the donation is for" and enter "FMBB 2012" in the box. You can also send

money directly to the AWMA on behalf of the FMBB team by logging into paypal and clicking "

send money" and then entering This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , an amount, and a note indicating

what the money is for.

Thank you in advance for all of your help. GO USA!!!

2011 AWMA National Championship


The 2011 AWMA National Championships were held in Leland, Illinois on Septemer 30- October 2nd.

The judges were Hari Arcon, FCI and Michael Caputo, SV/USA. The helpers selected for the event

were  Joe Brockington, front half, and Marcus Hampton, back half.  Waine Singleton was the helper for the IPO 1s and 2s. 


All the results have been updated on the Championship Website ...



The AWMA wishes to congratulate all our competitors, helpers and judges and the host

club on another great event.


Top Placements:

1st Place - Sean Rivera & Daneskjold Iron - 94 - 88 - 96 (278 Overall)

2nd Place - Joahn Soares & Vion la Maschera di Ferro - 92 - 94 - 91 (277 Overall)

3rd Place - Terri Limbaugh & Phoenix du Ciel Rouge - 90 - 93 - 92 (275 Overall)



2011 FMBB World Championship


The 17th Annual 2011 FMBB World Championships were held June 1st thru June 5th in Nieuwport,

Belgium. The team members  chosen to represent the American Working Malinois Association were:


John Soares and Vion La Maschera Di Ferro
Benny Barmapov and Master De Alphaville Bohemia
Marina Shukh and L’Simba Du Loups Du Soleil
Brian Hendricks and Uras La Maschera Di Ferro
Sean Rivera and Daneskjold Iron
Christopher Kutelis and Mecberger hegel


Photo by Beth Koenig. L to R: Benny Barmapov with Master. John Soares with Vion. Team Captain

Michelle Kutelius. with the sign. Sean Rivera with Bruce. Chris Kutelius with Mauno and Jayme

Vika holding the American Flag.


Marina Shukh and Simba were not able to attend the Championship and Bryan Hendricks and

his dog, Uras, suffered injury on practice day and had to pull from the competition. Starting with

last year's World Championships, the FMBB has changed formats. The first three days of

competition, each dog draws one phase per day and these scores go towards the World Cup.

Then on the fourth day, the top 20 come back and compete in Phases B & C to decide who

wins the World Championship (total score being based out of 500 possible points). The

American Team did very well and the AWMA appreciates all the time and money it takes

to go over and compete at this level.


Final Scores for IPO were:

Sean Rivera & Daneskjold Iron:    

  • World Cup: 95 - 96 - 89 = 280    
  • World Championship:  92.5 - 87.5 = 460   (5th Place Finish)

John Soares and Vion La Maschera Di Ferro:       

  • World Cup: 94 - 92 - 94 = 280  
  • World Championship:  87 - 84  = 451 (9th Place Finish)

Benny Barmapov and Master De Alphaville Bohemia:  

  • World Cup: 94 - 91 - 88 = 273  
  • World Championship: 86.5 - 82  = 441.5  (16th Place Finish)

Chris Kutelius and MecBerger Hegel: 

  • World Cup: 10 - 91 - 88 = 189


In the team competition, USA took SECOND PLACE amongst all the other countries! This is the

highest placement USA has ever taken at the FMBB World Championships. Of our team of 4, 3

ended up in the Top 20 competition! Congratulations again to everyone who went over

and represented the United States at the FMBB World Championships!


Photo by Beth Koenig. USA Team on the Podium at the end of the Awards Ceremony.



Kim Buchanan and Sprite’s Entertaining Choice “Emmy”
Shari Lipski and Amara von der Eichenquelle
Chris Libs and Rumba du Volant
Shari Lipski and Tisa du Banc des Hermelles


Photo by Beth Koenig. Left to Right: Kim Buchanan with Emmy. Team Captain Shari Lipski

center. And Chris Libbs with Rumba.


Shari Lipski will be writing a piece on the FMBB Agility Team for the upcoming issue of the

AWMA Newsletter!

2011 AWDF Championship

Congratulations to AWMA Member Mark Natinsky and

Edison ot Vitosha for winning the 2011 AWDF National



The 2011 AWDF National Championships were hosted by AWMA Member Club

Motor City Working Dogs in Bowling Green, Kentucky. With 120 dogs entered,

it was the largest AWDF Championship to date. The top dog of the weekend

was Edison ot Vitosha with handler Mark Natinsky, who walked away wtih a

score of 94-98-94.


2010 AWMA National Championship

The 2010 AWMA National Championship held in Slatington, PA, and hosted by Jim Honda and FreeDog!! concluded this weekend. Pictured above are the top five IPO 3 winners and our judges, Mike Hamilton and Dr. Bulos.  The event photographer was Cindy Noland and other event photos can be found at

John Soares and Vion La Maschera di Fero were High in Trial, High IPO3, High Obedience, High Tracking, and High Handler-Owner Trained. Vion also won the Helper's Choice Award. Scores were 99/97/98 for a total of 294.

Second IPO3 was Benny Barmapovand Master de Alphaville Bohemia with scores of 96/96/96 for a total of 288. 

Third place IPO3 was Sean Rivera and Bronson's Fekkai Rouge, with scores of 97/96/95 for a total of 288; she also received the High Scoring Female Award.  Sean also had the sixth place dog, Danskjold Iron, 96/96/94, total 286. 

Fourth place IPO3 was Marina Shuhk with L'Simba Du Loups du Soleil, with scores of 98/95/95 and a total of 288.  Marina also won the High Female Handler Award.

Fifth place IPO3 was taken by Ernest Chambers and Spit Fire Frith, with scores of 99/95/93 for a total of 287.

The IPO 2 winner was Jim Deem with Donivin Von Donnertal, 79/77/88 for a total of 244.

The IPO1 top team was Michael McMahon and Ronan Sir Ronius with 70/92/97, totaling 259. In second place was Douglas Kowalski with Viky Du Loups du Soleil, with scores of 70/86/92 and a total of 248.

Congratulations to all!

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